A Class that Brought Excitements

The bell rang, and I rushed into the computer lab, my bag in hand, and a jacket in the other.

Computer class wasn’t always an excitement for me.

I don’t know why, but I just don’t get along well with technology as much as other kids.

But that day, I had LOTS of fun learning about a free Photoshop program called “GIMP.”

That was my favorite throughout the whole semester.

At first we learned the basics.

We learned things like making a simple floating logo, paths, red eye removal, and many others.

It was kind of hard for me to learn them because we were using websites of written tutorials instead of videos.

But with the teacher’s help, it was much more easier.

As time went by, we started to learn things such as changing the colors of a cartoon character’s body parts and clothes.

That was really the point where I had most fun.

Using the famous character “Mickey Mouse,” we (classmates) colored its clothes, shoes, gloves, eyes, etc… with many kinds of weird colors.

Most of us ended up with a very strange-looking monster.

In computer class, we learned many things other than GIMP.

We learned a program called “Audacity,” where we wrote a short story, recorded our voices with it, and made the whole class hear it.

There were many difficulties with recording, because there were many noises.

In my audio, you can even hear the crickets chirping.

And another problem was that some of the school computers were broken, and the program did not function as well as other computers (but that wasn’t really a problem for me because I had my own :p).

Other things we learned in computer class was to make a persuasive presentation.

Because I couldn’t think of a topic by the end of class, I had to choose either, “Students should not Date in High school” or “Gay Marriages should Be Legal.”

Of course, as a thirteen year old, young student, I chose the first one.

It went out pretty well, except for the part that I was very nervous during the presentation.

We also learned about how to use the PowerPoint, how to use the Windows Movie Maker, and also about blogging.

Computer class is how I started communicating with you guys!! 🙂

Okay~ This was the story of my experiences in Computer Class this year.

Thanks for reading, and see ya till next time!! 😀


Joke of the Day 2

What does a piano, fish, and a stick of glue have in common?

Answer: You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish.

(Now if you listened carefully to the person telling the joke, you probably noticed that they didn’t say anything about the stick of glue…so you will probably ask about the stick of glue)

Listener: What about the stick of glue?

Teller: I knew you would be stuck on that one!

Good-bye Grace :(

Story of Grace episode 4

This morning, when I woke up and went to the living room, there was no sign of Grace.

The dorm felt empty.

There were no questions asking, “What’s my name Grace?” or, “Am I your best friend?”

There were no more voice of a child singing “Let it Go.”

There were no more hugs and kisses…

Yup, Grace left…

Yesterday afternoon around 3.30 P.M., Grace left the dorm to go back to her own house.

She gave m&m’s to everyone before she left as a good-bye present.

Since I had to go somewhere with some of my dorm sisters and dorm dad before she left, I gave her a big hug.

I heard that when we were leaving she asked my dorm mom, “Can I go with my friends?”

I guess this is the last post I’m going to write about Grace 😦 Thanks for reading her stories until now~

Joke of the Day 1

Hi guys~~

As I told you before, I live in a dorm.

There’s a part of my dorm life where I listen to my dorm father’s lame/ “amazing” jokes.

So I’m about to share you those jokes by posting one of them everyday to make you smile 🙂

(okay, maybe not EVERYDAY..)

So here it is:

“Two Muffins in the Oven”

So there’s this two muffins in the oven.

One says, “Ohh, it so hot in here!” to the other.

Then The other muffin says, “Ahh!!!! A talking muffin!”

(When you say “Ah,” you’re suppose to say it really loud, so that the other person listening to the joke get surprised.)

There’s a story behind this joke.

I have this dorm sister that always gets the joke. Even though she knows all the story (probably even memorized), she gets startled every single time my dorm dad says it.

Sometimes, when our dorm dad says the joke again, we would laugh not because of the joke, but because of her getting startled AGAIN!

God’s Love is Like a Spider Web



heart wrapped with spider web

A spider wraps its prey with its silk.

They wrap it tight so that the prey won’t run away.

God wraps our heart with His love.

When our heart is broken and shattered into pieces,

He comes and picks those pieces up,

and reforms our heart into a new one.

He gives us love more than enough,

He gives us unending love.

But it seems like we don’t realize how much love He has given us…

Think about the things He has done for us.

I don’t think you can even count them…

He gave YOU so many things!

He loves you no matter what.

Even though you disobeyed His Word,

He gave you a chance, maybe several of them..

Take that chance and turn your life into God’s way!

Hard Good-byes

Story of Grace episode 3

Whenever we (dorm girls) have to go study or sleep, Grace would always start to pout and cry. She would lie down on the sofa, bury her face in it, showing that she doesn’t want us to go.

Grace has a really hard time saying goodbye to people, even when you’re just going out for a while to a market, or even going into your room from the living room.

Thinking of this, it reminded me of God. Sometimes, we don’t give much time to Him because we need to do other stuff, or even forget about Him.

I’m sure God is also sad like Grace when we leave Him after talking to Him, or when we forget about Him.

So I encourage those who are reading this to remember Grace’s story and not forget about God, but give more time for Him!

Live for HIM!!